herman Rose

  • Leeds, UK
  • 07795 901 183
  • sherman@shermanrose.uk
  • https://shermanrose.uk

For over 10 years now I have been learning and hacking about with various languages, making small games, websites or music on computers. It's rather fun.

After 4 years of working for a UK based ISP as a Support Engineer and System's Administrator, as well as a small stint as a freelance developer, I am looking to go back into programming and development as my main line of work, taking the many useful skills I have acquired on the way with me.

I am looking for the opportunity to work on projects focused on web services with RESTful API's, responsive web clients or alternative front end consumers and testing based workflows with continuous integration. I am also interested in infrastructure automation and deployment; Any interesting problem gets me excited to learn about.

When I am not reading about computers or writing code or fixing something, I pass the time playing instruments, (Guitars, Sax, Drums and more) making electronic music, playing in bands with other people or inline skating around cities!

Technical Skills

Likes: ruby, ruby-on-rails, java, javascript, angularjs, reactjs, docker, virtual-machines, testing, php, go, continuous-integration, debian, debian-based, ansible, puppet, git, mysql, postgresql, mongodb, model-view-controller, containers


Freelance Developer / Sysadmin, Commonspace.scot, June 2016 – September 2016

docker, debian, nginx, collectd, grafana, graphite, humhub, drupal, lets-encrypt, git, bitbucket

  • Hired as a PHP developer to extend a HumHub platform to compliment the main site
  • Ensuring daily backups with external copies on Google nearline storage,
  • Let's Encrypt SSL setup
  • Setting up monitoring system using collectd, grafana and graphite.
  • First experience of a docker based hosting system, now likely to use docker again in future projects.

Support Engineer, Bytemark Hosting, September 2012 – April 2016

linux, debian, ansible, puppet, vim, systemd, runsv, centos, cisco-ios, collectd, grafana, graphite

Whilst titled a Support Engineer, My role at Bytemark involved a few different tasks.

  • Main role was customer support with customers Linux systems over email and phone.
  • Was part of an Out of Hours rota to aid with 24 hour critical support for customers
  • Performed data centre technician tasks in general as well as part of the support process
  • Wrote programs and scripts in support downtime to aid the process of supporting customers.

Most of the day to day work, was investigating different linux systems, either managed by Bytemark, but more commonly not, and trying to resolve the issues brought up. Depending on the diagnosis of the cause, I would either fix it or advise the customer on how to fix the issue. Issues quite commonly lay in programming, configuration or network errors. This lead to exposure to a lot of different setups for many different kinds of stacks and applications.

For the managed customers, we looked at getting automation scripts written to their customer deployment needs. These scripts would be written in Ruby, Ansible, or Bash.

*Lead Technical, Treasurer **, KUBE Radio, *2009 – 2011

debian, icecast, liquidsoap, audio-streaming, audio-hardware, lamp, wordpress-mu


I was part of the committee of KUBE Radio, a student run radio station at Keele University for two years. I was elected Lead Technical in my first year and re-elected for the second, where I was also elected Treasurer.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Upgraded all studio furnishings and equipment
  • Reduced numerous downtime and callouts a month to 1 or 2 incidences during a year.
  • Built a simple music library system
  • Launched a new WordpressMU to allow members to easily update websites and micro-sites.
  • Created an training and mentoring program for users of the radio station.


BSc Computer Science, Keele University, 2008 – 2012

java, php, sql, html5, c++, blender

  • 1st Class Honours degree
  • Honorary mention in 24 hour code sprint, with a team from Keele (site)
  • Received a ‘Society Colours’ award, showing my contributions to the students union through my work with voluntary societies


** LINX Accredited Internet Technician (LAIT)*, *2013 – 2013

##Projects & Interests

GitHub - hireme, https://github.com/niko-niko/hireme, September 2016

Find out more about Sherman's Working life

GitHub - humhub_newsletters, https://github.com/niko-niko/humhub_newsletters, April 2016 - May 2016

Module for HumHub that adds subscribable ewsletters per space

GitHub - docker-monitoring, https://github.com/niko-niko/docker-monitoring, July 2016

Docker image for stat collection and graphing as an all in one image