Learning Programming Through Competition

LPTC for short, was my final year university project. The project spec was to create an application to aid new learners to procedural based programming, by having them compete their code with each other.

The application was written in Java and comprised of two parts.

The first was a simple text editor that could compile java byte-code at run-time. The second was a 2D arena based game where the compiled byte-code from multiple users was run.

Both sides of this application posed many challenges in a very small time frame. However all of the core features work, users are able to use a slightly abstracted code editor to quickly compile Java and see their results on screen.

The project was received quite will by the students that tested it as well as the department in general. It was awarded first prize in a compulsory project presentation to the department.

Project Presentation Poster (PDF)

Video of LPTC’s Quad Tree

Video of LPTC graphics coding error

Source Code on Github