Shermans's Notes
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PostgreSQL - User Management

Postgres User Management

  • Watch out for quoting conventions!

    • "foo" is an identifier, a database, user, column, etc
    • 'bar' is a contstant, a string or encoding type. e.g. 'UTF8'
  • Create a user in psql:

    • CREATE USER "<username>" WITH PASSWORD '<password>';
  • Create user in shell:

  • Create a database in psql:

    • CREATE DATABASE "<database_name>" WITH OWNER "<username>" encoding 'UTF8';
  • Grant all to user

    • grant all privileges on database simpletag to simpletag
  • List all tables in psql

    • \dt
  • Kill a DB Sesion

    • select * from pg_stat_activity; to get pidlist
    • select pg_terminate_backend(pid) from pg_stat_activity where pid = '<pid>';
  • Setup pager for better output

    • less is usalluy configured by default
    • Set ENV var $PAGER="less"
    • \pset pager on
  • Setup rc file for psql

    • ~/.psqlrc