Shermans's Notes
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Unreal - Localisation

Localisation in UE4

  • Firstly, Read the docs

  • Window -> Localization Dashboard to bring up UI.

    • Most resources talk about this part as if the system is new, however the dashboard is just a new UI to link with the system that was already there in code.
  • Set up your gather rules, how you gather these rules has a direct effect on how long the Gather Text takes take. Gather Test Settigns

    • By default nothing is included.
    • You an add include or exclude folders. Only include folders that contain assets / code you care about! This will prevent the gather text from finding hunderers of FText variables for things like material names, items not of interest in maps and so on.
    • You can use Wildcards with foldername/*
  • Ensure to setup the cultures you need.