Shermans's Notes
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Unreal - Movement


Movement is split between a few components.



UPlayerController handles input modes and events.

  • Contains a rotation to represent a players rotation
    • AddPitchInput(float Val)
    • AddYawInput(float Val)
    • AddRollInput(float Val)
  • Contains functions and events for handling input
    • IsInputKeyDown(FKey Key)
    • WasInputKeyJustPressed(FKey Key)
    • GetInputVector / GetInputAnalogKeyState / GetMousePos


Takes a normalised movment input vector in order and then calculates the output velocity of the Actor it is attached to.

  • Inherits from UNavMovmentComponent to allow AI Pathfinding Useful functions exist that can be overloaded
    • virtual void RequestPathMove(const FVector& MoveInput) override;
    • virtual void RequestDirectMove(const FVector& MoveVelocity, bool bForceMaxSpeed) override;
    • virtual bool CanStartPathFollowing() const override;
    • virtual bool CanStopPathFollowing() const override;
    • virtual float GetPathFollowingBrakingDistance(float MaxSpeed) const override;


Used by the AI Module to determine the next control input needed to move to an actor directly, or to follow a path from the navigation system.