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Unreal - UI and Widgets

UI, Widgets and stuff

Creating Widgets in Code

Nagivation of UI

  • Unreal has a built in system that can handle basic navigation types.
    • These types are defined in EUINavigation and are. Up Down Left Right Next Previous
    • Most of the Widgets, will use the EVisibilty type and code for each of the widgets to determine which items should be navigated to next
    • Each EUINavigation Type can have some behaviour associated with it. These are:
      • Escape - Navigation is a allow to leave the bounds of the widget
      • Stop - Navigation stops at the bounds of the widget
      • Wrap - Navigation will wrap to the opposite bounds of the widget
      • Explicit - Navigation will travel to a specified widget
      • Custom - Navigation will be decided by calling a function
      • Custom Boundary - Navigation will travel to the boundry decided by this Function
    • If NativeOnKeyDown is not handeled by the focused widget, Unreal will check the Visibilty and Navigation rules for that in put before.

Custom UI Navigation

  • The above works well for most simple cases howerer there are times where there is a more complicated setup that it can’t handle. In these cases you can provide either a Native or BP function that can return the correct widget that should be focused.
    • An example decleration :
    • UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallabe) UWidget* Class::FunctionName(EUINavigation Nav)
    • Here you can write the logic to determin the next focuasable widget and return a pointer to it or nullptr
      • #TODO what happens in the nullptr case?