Shermans's Notes
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February 26th, 2020

  • kotlin
    • Including Kotlin in to an existing project

      • Add the gradle-kotlin plugin, add a source set config
        • Kotlin through #gradle seems to work with their instructions with no issue
      • IDE Support
        • #vscode
        • #Eclipse Eclipse has a plugins from #JetBrains themselves however I wasn’t able to get the interop working propertly either.
          • I could import #shermans_notes/knowledge/programming/java/_index to #kotlin however not the other way around.
          • had issues with compilation / recompilation of Kotlin files after certain ops, like file name / class changes
          • couldn’t run main #kotlin files either.
          • Errors about unresolved classes for the java stdlib (e.g. Object)
        • #IntelliJ
          • This being a #JetBrain product as well, it just worked.
    • Imported our gradle project and got off the bat right away no class path issues.