Shermans's Notes
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February 8th, 2020


  • Adding #facebook-unity-sdk to a unity app has been a pain
  • Import the package was trivial at first however, the menu it adds would not work for some reason at first.
  • Making the build process for IOS work after the fact was also a pain in the ass
    • Firstly it uses CocoaPods an app / xCode package manager in order to pull the underlying facebook-ios-sdk packages down however that in it self was not enough to get things godoing
    • Had to install CocoaPods using brew
    • Ensure that the project includes a subproject for the pods in xCode which if you pods installation is missing can happen after a bit of brew link that went away after getting unity to rebuild the ios poroject
    • The package uses clang modules so that had to be enabled as a build option
      • This could be done in xCode however we have a post processing script of as part of the unity build process for the xCode project, (Helpful to look at unity cloud build resources here) and it’s better off living there for reproducible builds.

pbxProject.SetBuildProperty(“CLANG_ENABLE_MODULES”, “YES”);```

  • FBSDKCOCOAPODS is needed as a GCC_PREPROCESSOR_FLAG to enable the build to use the cocoapods installation of the sdk
  • For some reason doing this then requires that we have the libsqlite3.tbd library imported in order to compile properly. Perhaps the sdk needs this?