Shermans's Notes
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April 4th, 2021


  • Spline Based Path Follower #Unreal
    • Is this way the best way, or should it be handled in the movment component?
    • InterpToMovementComponent as a good few ideas in there

Today I learned (Notes)

  • [Runge-Kutta][] intergration, used in physics engines as it is more accurate than Euler intergration. #Maths #Simulation_Programming #Physics_Engies
    • Difference between different intergrations
  • Curves And Splines. Third Order Polynomial functions that describe interplotated curves #Math #Game_Programming
    • A Primer on Bézier Curves
      • Really good free online book breaking down and describing Bézier Curves
    • Splines
      • An indepth Paper on Splines, how they work relation to other curves and coding examples (dropboxed under Books)

Tomorow’s Tasks