Shermans's Notes
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June 2nd, 2022 dev

    • Found an issue with obsidian-export

      • It escapes unsafe HTML characters without a way to disable this. This is causing havoc with trying to use shortcodes. That explains why I have had no luck using the < > code format over the % % format.
      • I’m going to have to do that rewrite I didn’t want to do, as I’m not interested in learning Rust right now.

    Further Site Dev Work

    • I found this working on the front page of the site. I want to have a page where I can show the latest posts from various sections of the sites. Say the daily notes or the projects list.
    • It would be nice to have a section for the music I have made. This would work to gather it all up in one place and not reply on services such as SoundCloud.
      • This will require a custom audio player shortcode and some js. I’m sure the latter exists, but it is worth checking to see about the former before doing any work.

    Obsidian - What I want from exporting notes

    • So, it looks like I will have to roll my exporter if I use obsidian and get some sane Markdown into Hugo. Here are some thoughts.
      • Escaping special chars

        • I’m not even sure this needs to be done. I would expect Hugo to do this for me.
      • Automatically update frontmatter

        • It would be nice to have the dates and modified dates be filled in automatically
      • Search for keywords for tags

        • It would be nice to type a keyword like golang , Java, and such and have the exporter spit out a wrapper that would have a link to the associated pages?
      • Build Graph Data

        • More of a nice to have, if anything, but building a visual graph similar to Obsidian or Roam would be nice
      • Prebuilt search data

        • Something I saw a while back but didn’t save a link to was someone precompiling bloom filters to power a search for their site. geekdocs already has a client side search, but that is apparently done client side, and I can only imagine it isn’t using much data to do so. So some kind of Full-Text search data which can be lazily loaded would be pretty cool.
        • This is something I have thought about for a long time. Links rot, and information vanishes. It would be nice to have something that can go through my notes and cache any website and video link. This one will require a lot more thought.