Shermans's Notes
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May 4th, 2024

    Home Grown Data Pipelines

    • A while back I started to do some work to visualise my data spending habits my plan was to project my spending and savings on the wall so I constantly saw how it was going and therefore pulled up on my spending.

    • I got pretty far at processing data in order to show something

      • Using a service called Emma I could download CSV data from connected banks
      • I would then manually parse this hledger a cli based double ledger system which could import CSV’s with a rule set. This also allowed me to create “accounts” which I could assign transactions to I could export the accounts data in to JSON with a terrible schema
      • With a go program I would then export some JSON from hledger and process it to be used with Highcharts to generate a Sankey diagram showing the flow of money as we can see below Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 11.45.16.png
    • This was good enough but was quite a process and required a lot of processing to handle

      • Emma sends an email which you can then download the data
      • hledger requires you to go over the import data
      • you need to run the golang app to see the image

    Is a data pipeline the thing to do here?

    • having worked with vinh with data pipelines I’m wondering if that is the way I should be going about this?
      • I should be able to automate grabbing the data from Emma
      • Accounts are nice, but I wonder if it would be better to model in SQL rather than in hledger
      • I can produce processed raw data, as well as charting data to be used by a much simpler service. The go code to process the hledger output is quite a lot and very messy. it would have been easier to have used Python at the least…

    What do I need to do this?

    • I have plenty of compute to do this at home, that workstation that I got from work
    • It would be nice to host this as I would in the modern way, so a k8s runtime so I can learn that as well
    • Airflow is free, and so is DBT, this would allow me to use both of these tools well