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BASH: Starting with best practices

Since I started using Linux and macOS I have spent an increasing amount of time using BASH for more than just it’s interactive shell. The thing I want to always remember is that it is is a rich tool that enables you to orchestrate a number of other programs in to working in tandem. For some this maybe be a given, but for me who wanted to learn to program first and foremost, I would often forget the principal about reinventing the wheel.
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Java and Gradle Notes

Yay, build tools! OK, here we go. I’m working using Java now, so of course this means I have to learn a bit more about the build tools and dependacy managers that are out there now. As far as I can see there are really two major contenders out there, maven and gradle. Both of these are combined dependancy managers and build tools each aimed at being “THE ONE TRUE WAY” of doing things.
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JRuby is making my VIM startup unbearable

TLDR: If you use vim-ruby and jruby you’re going to have a bad time. 2.5~ seconds to open or save a file kinda bad time. If you want to have your code properly checked on the version of ruby you are working with, tough. Other wise you can add let g:ruby_path in your .vimrc to configure which ruby build you use. Remember that rvm can change your ruby automatically. so be careful.
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Setting up Rails 5 self hosted fonts

TL-DR; Get to the point I just started another small side project based on a fresh rails 5 setup. I thought this was a good opportunity to try out a different CSS framework called Bulma, which I saw mentioned on Garry’s Blog. Why not? Small projects are great for trying new things. bulma uses font-awesome but does not package it in their framework, which is fair. They suggest that you use a CDN copy of font-awesome.
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Talk To Me - A 'Simple' Side Project

I have a 3 year old nephew, who loves comptuers, and why shouldn’t he? They are everywhere. I can remember the first time I saw anything like a computer. I have memories of playing the NES at the age of 2. So as his very mature and responsible uncle, it is my duty to guide his journey in the devices that are shaping our entire lives. Since I have studied and practiced computing for more years than I like to think about, especially when considering how inept I am, I think it is important for him to know what to can do for and to him.
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