Shermans's Notes
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Bytemark Dashboards

Bytemark Dashboards was a side project to my Customer Support work, to make some information screens to help with properly managing the support queues and jobs that needed to be done.

Originally I had stumbled on a piece of software called Dashing. Dashing, whilst not longer maintained by the original creators, has a lovely out of the box set of widgets that show basic numbers and graphs, constantly updated with Server Sent Events (SSE).

Whilst good for a single dashboard, Dashing did not suit the needs and requests that came in. It lacked some features, such as scrolling dashboards, easy to create widgets and jobs, and auto reloading. Every update to the server side meant that all clients had to be restarted.

I decided to take the opportunity to create similar software with these features and learn AngularJS at the same time.

I left Bytemark before the project was finished, but they kindly open sourced the software to it could be worked upon.

This is something I have been working on in my spare time, as I would like to see it’s core aims achieved.

Source code on Github: Bytemark-Dashboards (bmdash)