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    Previous Websites

    I’ve made and trashed many personal websites over the years. They all started as somewhere to blog, take notes and showcase projects. And rather than get on with it, I’ve always been distracted by the looks, or the function, or the hosting.

    It is then no surprise then that over the years I have very little to show for it. Most of the older sites have been lost to failed hard drives or expired and forgotten about hosting.

    Things changed when I started using Roam Research, and it was there I found my note taking habits change. More than ever before, I was making notes on issues I was having, and taking daily notes with bi-directional links to related notes. Consistency was still an issue, but it was a start.

    Roam, was a browser based app and while most of my work was focused on a browser, I found myself wanting to have a dedicated application on the desktop I could quickly alt + tab to whenever I wanted to jot something down. I could not have been the only one, as I then found ObsidianMD, in which this very page is written.

    At the time I started using ObsidianMD, Roam did not yet have a desktop client! There is a chance I would have kept using it if they had.

    Using Obsidian has been great, and after importing all of my Roam notes, I’ve been using it ever since. It has a smooth interface, supports plugins and community plugins, has vim keys mode, and if you’re storing your notes on Dropbox, files sync and update immediately when you move to and from different computers.

    The only issue I have is the visibility of the notes. At times it has been helpful to share some notes, I have written. You can pay for a

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