Shermans's Notes
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  • primary field consists of stack(s)
    • a stack has certain operations
      • Push
      • Pop
      • Switch items
    • Stack Status
      • Stack Size
      • Stack Empty
      • Stack Full
      • Stack Overflow - If a stack is forced to overflow it instantly is resolved.
      • Stack locked

Stack Resolutions Ideas:

  • Player resolves a stack with an effect
  • Both players choose not to add / cannot play to a to stack
  • Stacks have turn timers to resolve
  • Stack pointer will resolve a stack in a given time
    • pointer can be moved by card effects
  • Stacks automatically resolve when “overflow”

Key Concept:

  • No “mental” stacks!
    • All call and response type gameplay must be represented on a stack by playing cards
      • This stack is temporary and must be resolved before gameplay continues

Card Activations:

  • On Push
  • On Pop
  • On Stack Created
  • On Stack Resolved
  • On Stack Full
  • On Stack Overflow

Cards Effects

  • Deal Damage
  • Heal Damage
  • Prevent Damage
  • Cause Activations (define activations!!)
  • Prevent Activations
  • Stack Modify (Push, Pop, Swap)
  • Stack Blocker (No actions for X turns)
  • Gain Action Tokens
  • Gain Requisition Tokens
  • Remove Opponent Action Tokens
  • Remove Requisition Action Tokens
  • Force Resolve Stack (Empty)
  • Requisition card
  • Draw Card
  • Discard Card
  • Trash Card

Gameplay / Phases:

  • Players take it in turns to play cards on to stack
    • Card effects might allow them to
      • Play additional cards
      • Buy cards from the pool
      • Claim victory points
  • A turn is over when both players cannot or pass playing on the stack
  • Turns resolves using the given stack resolution rule if applicable
  • Game ends as first to claim the majority of VPs


  • Three stack areas


  • Actions Tokens

    • Allows you to play cards on to stacks
  • Requisition Tokens (Money)

    • Allow you to pick a card from the pool (Market)
  • Question:

    • Does the game start with a stack or is it empty?
      • Starting stack
        • Could be a good idea to avoid starting hands?
          • Is it possible to have a base stack, that will allow players to acquire new cards to stack
      • Multiple Starting stacks / hubs
        • specialised resources to be pulled from various stacks allow for material acquire new cards
      • Empty field
        • Requires players to have starting hands / materials to acquire new cards