Shermans's Notes
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Travelling to the Philippines

UK Govt Advice

  • Avoid the South, and the archipelago Pasted image 20240307112123.png
  • Passport at least 6 months in date
  • MUST register with the e-travel system register with the e-travel system
  • No visa needed for 30 days
  • Vaccines:
    • recommended vaccines:
      • Hep A
      • Tatanus
      • Typhoid
    • Also situational ones are listed on that page, Other than Rabies I don’t think I need those, best talk to Mia to see if there are some there that are more suitable.
  • Cannot take more than 50k Pesos (PHP) in cash (~£700)
  • When leaving Cebu, there is a 850 peso fee
  • There is advice on terrorism and kidnaps:
  • Can drive on a UK license for 90 days
  • Will need health insurance
  • 911 is the emergency number
  • a print out of passport will do



  • looking at £500 to £1600
    • Very time dependant and getting to tourist season
    • Will need to book this month or early next month.
  • Returning from Mactan Cebu has a travel tax
  • Now booked! Check calendar
  • Need to arrange travel to airport


General Advice

  • copy of passport
  • Second wallet with less money in
  • Different phone

things to do

In Cebu City

just outside

On the island